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Creative Gourmet Menu Ideas for a Backyard BBQ

When you throw a barbecue in your backyard, spice up the menu to excite your palate and intrigue your guests. These gourmet BBQ menu ideas transcend the standard BBQ fare of hot dogs and burgers. Cook up these meats and veggies on your grill for a BBQ that is impossible to forget....(more)

Buying and Cooking Gourmet Pasta Noodles

Making pasta for dinner is wildly popular and the choices of pastas in the grocery isle are staggering. Grocery-store pasta can make a very good dinner. But if you'd like to take your dinners to a gourmet level, using handmade pasta can make it happen. Read the following dos and don'ts for gourmet pasta success....(more)

Gourmet Dinners: Time and Temperature for Preparing a Pork Roast

Most new cooks are nervous about cooking large cuts of meat because these pieces are typically more expensive and difficult to cook. However, this is not always the case. Many pork roast recipes only involve mixing some herbs with oil and rubbing the mixture all over the pork roast before placing it in the oven....(more)

Wine Pairing 101: Great Main Dishes to Serve With Syrah

Syrah is one of the most flavorful red wines available. A good Syrah pairing stands up to the wine's big flavor and aggressive tannins with a bold, strong flavor. As a red wine, Syrah is good with red meats. Highly spiced dishes with a savory quality are the best Syrah pairing for the main course of a meal. Dry, red Syrahs make great wines to accompany all sorts of flavorful meat dishes, from the simple to the fussy....(more)


Holiday Treats: Gourmet Chocolate Advent Calendars

The advent calendar is a family favorite for the month of December, allowing you to open a small door each day leading up to Christmas to reveal a surprise. Although many advent calendars contain a picture behind each door, the chocolate advent calendar is a popular variation for children and adults alike. However, if you don't look forward to eating a piece of mediocre milk chocolate each day, indulge in a gourmet chocolate advent calendar....(more)

Italian Bread: The History of Panettone

Panettone is a sweet bread that traces its origins back to the Italian city of Milan. One of the traditional foods linked to Christmas and the New Year in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, parts of France, Portugal, Peru and Brazil, this bread has become one of the symbols of Milan. It has the shape of a cupola, rising from a cylindrical base to a height of about six inches for a two-pound panettone. Making the cake involves curing the dough in a method similar to sourdough. The cake also includes raisins, lemon zest, citron and candied orange; some variations include chocolate as well. In some regions, mascarpone cream serves as a condiment, and sweet wines and hot beverages complement it well....(more)

Choosing the Right Supplies for Your Holiday Table

Holiday meals are some of the most special times of the year. You share these experiences with both friends and family alike, and incredible amounts of planning and preparation go into these events. Beautifying your table and choosing the right holiday tableware is a massive undertaking, and it is a project that quintessentially determines the mood and environment of the meal....(more)


6 Ingredients That Add a Touch of Class to Any Simple Dish

For the casual entertainer or family cook, it can be difficult to keep up with ever-changing demands of an increasingly food-conscious world. It seems like every chef has a pantry of secret ingredients that instantly add something unique to even the most basic of dishes. However, many of these ingredients are available widely and may be in your pantry right now....(more)

Make Your Own Sweet Easter Gift with This No-Bake Chocolate Bunny Truffle Recipe

Impress your friends this Easter by making your own chocolate bunny truffles. Using this recipe, you don't even need to buy a plastic bunny mold. You can also forget about the tedious task of layering coats of melted chocolate on the mold and waiting for hours to get an even bunny-shaped shell. This treat is so easy to make, your kids can even join in on the fun....(more)

The Secret of the Grain: An Overview of Amaranth

Many people with allergies to gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains, search for ways to prepare their foods without this element. Amaranth is a good substitute for wheat for many reasons. Once you know what it is and where to buy amaranth, you open your diet to a whole new world of flavors and recipes....(more)